"I completely lost interest in sex after the birth of my baby because of the additional responsibilities. This made my husband irritable and he used to lose his temper quite often. FemVigor came into our lives and made our sex life very enjoyable. I long for more sex now and my husband too is very happy and content." - Annabelle, Texas

"With FemVigor, I am very happy as my sexual energy has increased and I am at my sexual best. I recommend it to all my close friends who suffer from low libido. "
- Cheryl , Singapore

"FemVigor has made a difference in my life. After taking the capsules, my libido has increased and I have regained my sexual desire"- Samantha , Mexico

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FemVigor Ingredients

FemVigor is a natural formulation of the finest herbs that work highly effectively against FSD. FemVigor consists of the following potent ingredients: s:

femvigor ingredients

Pyridoxine HCL:
Also known as Vitamin B-6, plays a role in the nerve and muscle growth and digestion.

An amino acid that is converted in the body into nitric oxide; this is the same active agent that mediates the sexual response and is the primary physiological mediator for women’s arousal. It's primarily used to help increase HGH production and improves blood flow to the tissues throughout the body. It's also well known for its Sexual Enhancement benefits for women.

Asparagus adscendens:
Also called as Safed Musali, Shwet Musali is mainly meant for enhancing low libido. It is a powerful aphrodisiac herb.

Abelmoschus moschatus:
It boosts sex drive in females and also increases circulation of blood which helps in the release of mucus from vaginal lining.

Anacyclus pyrethrum:
Also known as Akarkara which helps in strengthening reproductive system. It helps to increase sexual desire and performance also.

Sida cordifolia:
Analgesic, aphrodisiac and anti-inflammatory in nature .This herb acts as a hormone balancer thereby enhancing sexual desire and stamina in women. It provides relief from anxiety and helps in proper functioning of central nervous system.

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