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              1. 服務熱線National Service Hotline:


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                Company Culture

                Jing Hui works with the cultural concept of “Integrity、Innovation、Service”,“Good Product Equals Great personality” and “Harmony Creates Blue Ocean” and keeps on creating our Jing Hui brand with the spirit of “craftsman”.

                “Integrity” is our basic foundation and rule of behavior.

                “Innovation” is our soul to develop new products and lead new trends.

                “Service” is our action to fully meet customers’ needs.

                “Good Product Equals Great personality” shows the value of Jing Hui management idea.

                “Craftsman” spirit is to make perfect products and provide best service.

                “Harmony Creates Blue Ocean” is the aim of Jing Hui’s humanity cultural value.

                So we believe that we can make perfect products with top technology and management. With our all-round service, we are confident to make customers feel satisfied and comfortable.