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                Company Profile

                        Wuxi Jing Hui Electronics Co., Ltd is located in Wuxi National Industrial Design Park beside the beautiful Tai Hu Lake. As a high-tech manufacturer, we professionally develop, produce and sell the controllers of electric bicycles and electric motorcycles in the industry. We are known as an excellent solution provider of electric bicycle and electric motorcycle control system.
                       We have groups of research and development, marketing and managing with many senior specialists in the industry. We are very capable of brushless motor control software and hardware developing, manufacturing and selling.
                       Established in 2003, “Wuxi Jing Hui” brand controller market share has always been among the best in the middle and high-end market. with an annual per capita output value over 1.2 million. We are one of the key enterprises in the industry listed in the report of the National Bureau of Statistics. We are also the participant in the formulation of national standard GB/T26846-2011.
                       Based on customers’ requirements, we make use of our rich technology experience and human resources. We carry forward the spirit of "craftsman", size up the situation, make scientific decisions, and solve various problems constantly. Now “Wuxi Jing Hui” brand has won fine reputation in the industry and we have been the front-runner in the green electric vehicle control field.

                       With the vision of improving the environment and realizing people’s “green life dream”, and with the aim of improving the green electric vehicle control system solutions, we help our customers to reduce consumption and abate emission, which help them face the challenge of environmental change and create better green living environment.