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              1. 服務熱線National Service Hotline:


                Integrity?Innovation ?Service

                Good Product Equals Great Personality

                Four Advantages Provides You Full Guarantee

                Focus on Every Detail, Just Because We Understand Your Needs Better


                Brand Advantage01

                With our mature sales service system, leading technology in the industry, advanced and efficient production ability, as well as strict and reliable quality control and management, our product has won fine reputation in the industry and we have become qualified supplier of over two hundred customers all over the country.


                Technology Advantage02

                Dedicated to the field of brushless motor control, our professional research and development group keeps on developing high-performance products.
                Owing many patents of technical inventions, we are the participant in the formulation of national standard GB/T26846-2011.
                We also provide technology customization and service of the products in related fields to meet the requirements of our customers.


                Product Advantage03

                We introduce advanced automated production equipment to improve the automation of the production process. We also develop excellent production process and keep on improving the process to make production flexible and efficient. Quality control is always on top priority.


                Quality Advantage04

                We enforce ISO9001 quality management system with full and high standards. All the components are from the leading manufactures in the industry, who have advanced management and service. Quality is our priority. We use advanced auto inspection equipments to test our products with the most strict testing method to ensure the reliability and consistency.

                About Us

                Electric Bicycle/ Electric Motorcycle Controller Overall Solution Provider

                ABOUT US

                Wuxi Jing Hui Electronics Co., Ltd

                WWuxi Jing Hui Electronics Co., Ltd is located in Wuxi National Industrial Design Park beside the beautiful Tai Hu Lake. As a high-tech manufacturer, we professionally develop, produce and sell the controllers of electric bicycles and electric motorcycles in the industry. We are known as an excellent solution provider of electric bicycle and electric motorcycle control system....

                Thousands of customers choose us because of our good quality and service.